Concrete Retaining Walls in Pittsburgh

by | Feb 27, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Retaining walls are built in different materials, including stones, bricks and concrete, etc and each of them has its own benefits and cost. Concrete retaining walls are also in practice for many years as concrete is a very old material. It is built for various reasons, which can be functional or aesthetic, and they are not beautiful like stone walls. They are also built where a system of tiered walls is also required, like a sloped area is turned into a landscape feature with this wall. However, the size varies depending on the slope and ground level in that area.

No matter why they are built, they have many benefits. Let’s see, what are these benefits of concrete retaining walls in Pittsburgh, and other areas:

* Concrete retaining walls provide a great support to keep the soil in its place.

* They reduce maintenance and also there is no erosion.

* They are also made when there are chances of flood as they prevent flood.

* They also help in preventing sink holes, and also eliminate the eyesore of hills and dirt etc.

* They are also built to protect the adjacent as well as its own building structure. They are especially very helpful in basements.

It’s a structure that protects the building, and holds the soil back from a building. Retaining walls are greatly helpful in preventing the movement of slope, providing support for various changes in the slope grades, and they are widely used in Pittsburgh for this purpose.

Like any other retaining wall, they also need a professional to do a good job, as it can be functional as well as aesthetically can look good. Hence, they are multi-functional in this regard. They help to support the ground which otherwise can move downwards, hence they are also considered as a dam. They are also ideal for sloppy grounds especially where there is a landscape.

No matter why they are built, they enhance the value of any property attracting lots of buyers. They are also a good solution in areas where there is a problem of drought and disasters are expected. They also protect the small hills from land sliding, and they are excellent for landscaping, as well as for buttressing the structure of the buildings. Concrete retaining walls are also excellent in the patios of houses in Pittsburgh, where they serve as a backdrop holding the planters, lighting, and keeping the area cool. They protect the building or landscape from intense sun and high wind pressures; hence they are ideal in such areas.

A great experience is required to get good results, as otherwise a concrete wall can collapse if right proportion and right method is not used. Same is true about a brick retaining wall. However, as concrete is a porous material, hence there are chances of moisture penetration causing salts in the wall surface. But, this can be prevented through various ways using paint, or chemicals. By keeping all these things in mind, you can have a useful retaining wall in your house.

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