Common Garage Door Problems and How to Solve Them

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If you use your garage daily, chances are you could encounter some problems with it. Luckily, most of these problems can be solved quickly. However, if they are beyond your capabilities, you can ask for help. Some of these problems and their solutions are highlighted below.

  1. Door Doesn’t Open Or Close

Issues with opening and closing your garage door arise from poor maintenance and extended periods of not being used. Your system malfunctioning could be caused by dead remotes, cold weather, and a burned motor. You can solve this issue by replacing the remote or adjusting the close-limit switch. Contact a professional if the motor has a problem.

  1. Broken Door Springs

Most garage door torsion springs tend to break, and you can hear it happen if you are around. You can check the overhead assembly to ensure all springs are functioning. In case of broken springs, seek out professional garage door repairs for assistance.

  1. Door Unresponsive To Remote Or Keypad

If your door uses wireless remotes or keypads to operate, there are times when they become unresponsive. If you notice an issue with the remotes, check whether you are within the antenna’s proximity. If not, you can reprogram your controls to confirm if they are working. This does not require technical garage door repair.

  1. Unusual Noises From The Door

A garage door can make odd noises if there is dirt and debris in the tracks. If you notice this, do a thorough cleaning of the garage and lubricate your springs, rollers, and fingers. If the problem persists, you will need to contact the door manufacturer.

  1. Garage Door Is Completely Stuck

A garage door that does not move entirely means that something is blocking the tracks. Clean the tracks and take out all debris to see if the problem is solved. If moving parts are pressed against each other, you can contact a professional to check it for you.

Bottom Line

If you dedicate yourself to caring for your garage door, you will not have any issues with it, but if you can’t solve problems on your own, get in touch with professionals like Business name for assistance. With a large inventory of parts, they can handle most repairs quickly.

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