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by | Jan 9, 2014 | Cleaning

Office cleaning is obviously a necessity for appearance and health reasons. This is particularly appropriate if you have clients visiting the office to conduct business or see product demonstrations. However, it is really imperative that you have a commercial cleaning service do the cleaning. Asking your employees to pitch in so many hours a week and clean is going to lower morale. This in turn will affect their work. It is demeaning and certainly not cost-effective over the long term. The cleaning will not be done as good as it should be, because cleaning is a very much a technical task today with all of the modern products that are in use and the modern finishes and flooring material.

The commercial cleaning services in Minneapolis has trained staff who are dedicated to clean your office or other work areas with the energy and skill that will make the facility look new. EMD Cleaning Services are customized to meet your needs and meet them on your timing. With years of experience and a well trained staff that can handle any cleaning task you have our company will be the best.

Our company believes in the green space and a partnership has been established with green supportive suppliers to help us help you maintain a green environment. For example, harsh cleaning chemicals are never used. The commercial cleaning services in Minneapolis? is always looking for the opportunity to use allergen-free cleaning products to ensure that harmful residues are not left behind.

Mold, mildew and microbes are targets of our preventative cleaning efforts. They can strike fear in the hearts of commercial property owners. Sport facilities and health clubs are particularly vulnerable to resistant strains Ecoli, MRSA and others. Our staff knows the methods to prevent these microbes from becoming a problem and in knowing how to rid the building of them if they are spotted.

One provision of our cleaning process which we are proud of, among many, is the use of compostable trash liners instead of plastic liners.

One of our primary goals is to support buildings that have been LEED-certified. The services our company provides and the products used by our staff all support the Green environment. Call EMD Cleaning Services to know more.

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