Classic Designs: Custom Upholstery in Vista, CA

There are many modern changes that have been made to window treatments over the years. Many people have moved on to blinds for their ease of maintenance. The classic décor of curtains can be forgotten by many. Beautiful flowing curtains in a complimentary color are still available today. You can easily change a room from ordinary to spectacular with the addition of custom curtains.

Traditional Styles

Curtains often remind people of their childhood homes or classic homes from a magazine picture. You can still achieve this look in today’s homes. Custom upholstery in Vista, CA is available for this purpose. You may have a piece of antique furniture that accents a traditional room or you may just really like the classic style. Either way, there are many options to help you achieve this goal. There are full-length draperies, accent pieces, and a variety of luxurious fabrics. Custom upholstery can lead to some exceptional interior design choices.

A Modern Twist

Some people enjoy the idea of a traditional curtain yet they want to complement their modern home. This can easily be accomplished with custom upholstery. There are many light textures and creative patterns that can make your room come alive. The Drapery Shop Inc. specializes in making each room unique and functional. A modern twist can be accomplished with a splash of bright color or a coordinating design. Use the curtains to bring out your favorite piece of furniture or art. Custom choices allow you to make the room one of a kind.

Curtains are a great asset when it comes to interior design. They can be used to add a classic look or bring out your modern style. They come in a variety of easy-to-care-for options as well. Some heavier fabrics may need a more delicate cleaning style, however. Curtains also serve the same functions as blinds and shades. They keep out light and help retain the temperature of your home. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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