Choosing The Best HVAC Contractor In Chicago

by | Jun 6, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

The heating and air conditioning system in a home is often something that is taken for granted, it simply works. This is fine as long as it does work and then the homeowner is faced with system service, repair or in worst cases, replacement. Without regular routine maintenance eventually this will happen and when it does you will need a qualified, skilled and experienced contractor that is involved in HVAC in Chicago to carry out the necessary work.

The qualities of a good HVAC contractor:

* Licensed by the state, provides workers comp insurance for the employees and carries liability insurance to protect the customers.

* Knowledgeable about all the local and state codes and strictly abide by them.

* Courteous and prompt, attempt to undertake the work at the customer?s convenience and perform the work quickly and efficiently.

* Have the knowledge and skill required to service a customer?s existing HVAC in Chicago; but if necessary be able to design and install a system ideal for the residence.

* Be aware of all new technology and up to date on equipment and design technique.

There are many common parts and components that go into an HVAC system but, even though this is the case every system is uniquely designed for the home. The components that are chosen by the contractor are chosen to result in a perfectly balanced system which is efficient and energy compliant. In a well designed system everything is perfectly matched including the furnace, coil and condenser as well as the blowers and ducting.

There are issues to confront when selecting the best HVAC contractor:

Reputation and price: The components that are used in the typical HVAC system are compatibly priced regardless of the manufacturer. The differences in prices that are offered are often differences in the installation costs or repair costs. If you are offered a quotation which is either very high or very low it should be viewed with suspicion. Companies that work with HVAC in Chicago are all aware of the local pricing structure, and they vary little. The important thing is to work with a company that is well-established and has a hard fought for reputation to protect.

A truck alone is not good enough: The contractor you want to work with has a fixed place of business staffed by competent people. There are many handymen that have a truck, a phone and a few tools and that?s it. Some of these guys may actually be licensed HVAC technicians who are attempting to start up on their own, but with the numbers who fail, you should try to avoid them because when you need them for warranty work in the future they may no longer be around.

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