Changes to Make During Kitchen Renovation Apex NC to Increase Functionality

by | Sep 15, 2023 | Kitchen Remodeling

While looks may be the main reason why you want a kitchen renovation in Apex, NC, it is important to consider functionality as well. A beautiful kitchen with ease of movement and functionality is the perfect addition to any home. What are some things you can do during renovation to ensure the kitchen space is functional?

Include the Work Triangle

This is composed of the fridge, cooktop and sink. These should be placed in such a way that there is easy movement from one place to the other. The ideal arrangement is with the three forming the tips of an imaginary triangle. This arrangement eases movement and ensures that there is enough counter space in-between.

Increase Lighting

A well-lit kitchen is safe to work in and looks livelier than a dimly-lit one. You can take advantage of natural lighting by adding a window or install LED lights in dark areas. Either way, adding the amount of light your kitchen receives should be a must-do in your kitchen renovation in Apex, NC.

Maximize Storage

Not having enough storage means you will find yourself placing many things on the countertop. This is a recipe for a disorganized kitchen which you can safely avoid by having enough storage space. Installing high shelves is a great way to add storage space. Also consider having creative storage solutions under the sink. Pullout shelves are another great choice as they provide easy access.

Your kitchen renovation in Apex, NC should ensure the kitchen is more functional and looks better. For best results, trust Wake Remodeling for this important project. Visit to learn more about their services.

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