California Poppy Seeds are Must-have Seeds for the Wildflower Gardener

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Here at Eden Brothers, we are busily shipping orders for spring-planting bulbs and seeds, including California poppy seeds. The California poppy itself, although native to the Golden State, can be found all over the country during the summertime.

Satin-sheen Blooms

The California poppy seeds that we sell here at especially thrive in dry areas that are hot. The satin-sheen blooms, which convey sunset hues, wave in the breeze on blue-green fern-like stems and leaves. They adapt well to dry, sandy soils. Don?t add too much water or moisture to the soil where you plant the flowers or blooms will not appear.

While California poppy seeds produce plants that provide spectacular colors in the early part of the growing season, the blooms start to fade when summer?s heat falls over a garden or enclave.

A Colorful Way to Usher in the Summer Season

Here, at Eden Brothers, our horticultural experts recommend that California poppy seeds be planted, either in the autumn or very early spring. So, if you have not bought your seeds yet, you will want to place an order immediately. Poppies are excellent flowers to choose for ushering in the summer.

A Drought-resistant Plant

We like the fact that our California poppy seeds grow flowering plants that are classified as being drought-resistant. Therefore, you can grow the flowers with the assurance of knowing that you can conserve water too. While the flowers like some moisture initially, they gradually become more and more drought-resistant once they become established.

Plant the Seeds in the Fall if You Live in a Warm Climate

The California poppies grown from our poppy seeds here at Eden Brothers reseed easily. Therefore, if you want the annual plants to revisit your yard or garden the following year, wait for some of the blooms to ripen to seed. Follow up by scattering the California poppy seeds over the garden area. In warmer climates, we recommend here at Eden Brothers that you wait until fall to replant.

Must-have Garden Seeds

Otherwise, we suggest that you incorporate California poppies in a wildflower themed garden in the early part of the growing season, and follow up with flowers scheduled to bloom in consecutive months. California poppies serve as a great introduction to summer and should be included on every gardener?s must-have list when planting wildflowers in a yard or garden area.

How Many Seeds Will Cover an Area?

Here at Eden Brothers, we offer seeds for California poppies that cover different sized areas. For example a quarter pound of our seeds will cover an outdoor area of 500 square feet, and a one pound bag will span over an area of over 2,000 square feet. Each ounce of a California poppy seed mix will cover an area of approximately 250 square feet.

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