Buying the right shingles for your home

by | Aug 27, 2014 | Roofing

6628811_xlAre you building a dream home and needing to find a roofing shingle that will suit your home and look right in your area? You need roofing in Coeur d?Alene ID that will provide a great finished look and a leak free building. There are many different types of shingles you can buy such as slate, wood, fiberglass (or asphalt) and ceramic.

Slate roofing tiles are made up from volcanic ash or clay. It is normally a grey color and when it is mined it comes out in smooth flat cut sheet that will be cut into roofing tiles. You are able to get slate in a number of colors and your roofer can inform you of what is available. Wood roofing in Coeur d?Alene ID is easy to put in place and lighter for carrying. Wood is an easy material to cut into the shape you are looking for. Fiberglass shingling is a glass fiber mat bonded with resin. Asphalt is then coated onto the mat making the fiberglass waterproof and very hard to rip. This is used in areas that have a high chance of winds and strong storms. Ceramic roofing tiles are used on a house that has a very strong structure. They are very heavy but look stunning when the roof is complete.

When purchasing your roofing tiles take into consideration the area you live in. Many factors such as cold, rain, and snow will factor into the aging of your tiles. Of course when roofing you want to have the longest life span for your roof but eventually they will need to be changed or replaced. Experts in roofing in Coeur d?Alene ID can help you decide which is best to use in any such conditions. As the roofing is subjected to the many elements of weather you will start to notice things that will tell you there may be some problem.

The guttering surrounding your roofing area is a good place to look for debris from the shingles. Small granules on the shingles will be loosened by weather and the guttering will catch them. Having a large amount piling up in the guttering means you need to have a look at your roof and make sure no holes are appearing. If your shingles are lifting from the roof and have a large gap then it is time to think about replacing the uplifted shingles. You can also see if the shingles are aging when you see pieces blow off in the wind. When the bonding agent becomes loose in the weather the shingles will start to shift in the winds and rain making them crack through the middle and eventually breaking off. After heavy storms it?s a great idea to get your roofing checked to be sure there is little or no damage.

Roofing in Coeur d?Alene ID is something that should be selected with the architecture of the house in mind but also the weather that is normal in the area. To discuss what material may be best for your home you are welcome to call Premier Roofing Contractors.

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