Buying a Swinging Door is All about Choice

by | Sep 21, 2012 | Heating and Air Conditioning

There are times when having swinging doors in certain areas of a house go along with the motif of the interior design or is preferred by the homeowner over sliding glass doors. A swinging door often consists of two panels that meet in the middle, swing open as one passes through, and then swings back into a closed position when not being used. As such, much like a sliding door, a swinging door does not take up much space except for those momentary seconds someone is passing through it. Often used in the kitchen area, or for a separate bar area a la the old west saloon, or at the entrance to a laundry area, there are a variety of choices one can make about the type and style of swinging doors available on the market.

Swinging doors come in a variety of sizes. The original size with which most people are familiar is about one/third the size of a full size door. Such doors offer possibilities to fit in with certain interior design motifs, but other, full size swinging doors are also available. Full size doors usually consist of only one panel, so that it looks like a normal hinged door, except that it always swings shut again after being used. Unlike normal hinged doors, swinging doors have double-hinges that allow them to swing in both directions.

Swinging doors come in a variety of styles – from a rustic wooden door that provides a rustic look to a knotted door that might mesh well with a shabby-chic motif to a sleek glass or fiberglass door that sheds variant rays of light into the enclosure. It’s really important to choose a swinging door that fits the interior décor of the rest of your house. Imagine a high end, beautiful hardwood floor, marble counters, lattice work on the beams holding up spiraling stairs, warm colored walls surrounded with plant life, and amidst this scene a flat, plain, stark white door leading to the pantry. It would stand out, and not in a good way. A rich, heavy, knotted wooden swinging door that offsets the lighter colors of the hardwood floor might be more attractive.

Given the fact that swinging doors swing in both directions, one should exercise care in placing them in a home where there is a lot of activity, especially children. Injuries can occur if care is not taken in using the door as it is meant to be used.

Thanks to innovative design by The Sliding Door Co., today’s swinging doors come in a variety of materials and styles. We’ve set a new standard, and in the process we are changing the way people design and decorate their homes and offices. So when you’re looking to upgrade your home, condo, loft or office, visit to find a showroom near you, or email

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