Bringing Your Outdoor Living Space Together With Travertine Pavers

by | Jun 25, 2015 | Home And Garden

Have you always wanted to step out onto your own beautifully designed deck and enjoy the sunset after a hard day at work? Or, perhaps you have always wanted to be able to entertain and prepare a meal in your own custom designed outdoor kitchen and living space.

Regardless of how you want to enjoy your free time, building a unique backyard living area is a great addition to any home. By choosing the right materials and a complimentary design to your home and landscaping you are not just adding aesthetics, you are actually adding to the value of your home.

Planning an outdoor living space doesn’t need to be difficult, but it should start with a careful consideration of the best possible materials.

The Pavers

Once you start looking around at outdoor living spaces, including beautiful decks and patios and even outdoor kitchen and entertainment areas, you will notice the use of travertine pavers in the most luxurious and upscale designs.

In some cases, you may notice a smoother paver, which may be a filled or unfilled honed surface. In more earthy, rustic and classic designs you will typically see a tumbled or brushed paver, often with a chiseled edge for that true handmade look and appeal.

When you notice each paver is slightly different, unique in its colors and patterns while still complimenting and coordinating with the pavers on either side, you will know you are looking at top quality travertine pavers.

The Beauty of Travertine

One of the most amazing things about travertine pavers is their natural beauty can be enhanced by the finish to fit perfectly with any style of outdoor living space. They can be contemporary and very elegant in their color, pattern and design in a honed finish, and the same pattern will look perfect in a more country garden type of patio design.

With a brushed or tumbled finished, the natural perforations or pits in the surface of the travertine give a look of weathered elegance to comfortable rustic charm. It blends perfectly with everything from your favorite Adirondack chair to the latest in wrought iron patio sets.

You will never become bored with the look of natural travertine stone. The slight to more pronounced patterns are different in each paver add to the unique look of this outdoor floor option. The different lighting from direct sunlight to a wonderful fire in an outdoor chimney or pit will bring out the colors and the warmth, inviting everyone to spend time in the great outdoors.

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