Are You Connected to the Wi-Fi? Upgrade Your Fire Alarm System

A common question that today’s generation asks is “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” It’s true that in today’s day and age, our society has become more tech-loving than ever. More and more things are becoming digitalized, and this love for technology has touched almost every aspect of our everyday life. Even with items like our smoke detectors! These detectors are installed in every home to ensure that its inhabitants are warned of the increasing level of smoke in the air due to a fire. This lets them make their escape in time. So, what does a high-tech smoke detector in today’s world look like?


While this isn’t true for every smoke detector, many new models have gone wireless. You no longer need a technician to install it for you. Batteries power your device and keep it up and running for many years before you need to change them again. Additionally, the wireless feature allows you to connect many detectors in your home via Wi-Fi so that one alarm triggers the rest of them. This is a helpful feature if you sleep with the door closed and ensures the sound travels all around the home.

End of Life Chirping

This feature is found in lots of smoke detectors. When the battery of the device is running low, it emits a small chirp routinely, so that you know when it’s time to get new batteries. This makes it easy to install and forget about your device until it’s time for some light maintenance.

Voice Location

Another cool feature of the newest fire alarm system is that it’s equipped with a voice locater. The voice locater gives a clear indication of where the fire is in the home and lets the family members escape from the best route.

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