Are Slugs Making Your Company Gardens Look Beaten?

by | Aug 22, 2017 | Pest Control

You never know when your garden will be invaded or potentially destroyed by pests. One of the many things a property manager does is arrange professional commercial pest control in Jupiter.

As a commercial property manager, it must be difficult to spend so much time and effort on the lawn only to see slugs, snails and other pests eventually damaging it. The property manager may even be blamed for reducing the initial sight that many customers see when entering a favored commercial property.

Slugs and Snails Do Not Differentiate Between Public or Private Property

There are many different species of slugs and snails that exist in gardens. And while they do contribute to the garden in some ways such as devouring decaying garden matter, as soon as they run out of stock, they will turn to your lawn, bougainvillea, other attractive flowers, and shrubs.

They will eat leaves and stems and will ruin your property’s garden root systems. Slug pellets are a simple DIY method that is often used to encourage slugs to move elsewhere, but this method is often dangerous to children and pets.

When looking for a professional commercial pest control company in Jupiter, you can ask if they use environmentally friendly products and treatments that are safe for both your children and pets.

Snails cause a similar problem as slugs do in your garden, and both fail to hibernate during the cooler periods. You are more likely to see slugs and snails after it has rained, as the wet atmosphere encourages them to go out and eat.

When you talk to your experts in commercial pest control in Jupiter, they will teach you prevention methods and help you understand that for example, locations of flower pots close to lawns can encourage slugs and snails to move from one area to the other as they lay their eggs.

A professional commercial pest control company will bring you knowledge and education and help make your commercial property management an easier task.

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