Are Professional House Cleaning Services Really Worth Your Money?

When you consider the average week, you probably spend quite a few hours on cleaning and household chores. Those who have little time to waste and prefer to spend it on something other than chores may have had thoughts about what it would be like to have some hired help. You can catch up on all those things you care about while being aware that your home will be clean when you pop in after work.

However, the question of whether professional house cleaning is right for you is a personal one and requires some thought. Here are a few things you might want to consider before you make a solid decision.

  1. The Cost of the Service – You will want to be aware of what the cost of a house cleaning is in your area. This can range anywhere from around $15 an hour up to about $50 an hour. Things like pets, extra services, and lifestyle can also lead to a raised rate, so ask before you make a decision. Having the house cleaned once a week or so is going to have a much different price tag than having someone stop in every other day and clean up after your pets, too.
  2. Consider Your Own Worth – You may want to consider checking out an online calculator that shows you what an hour of your time is worth. You can then determine how much you clean on an average week and what that would cost based on your worth. This can give you an idea of whether it is a better idea to keep cleaning yourself or to hire someone professional.
  3. Talk to Your Friends – Personal recommendations are enormous when it comes to a service like house cleaning. You can ask your family members, friends, and coworkers if they have used a service and get insight into how it went. This can also give you an idea of rates in your neighborhood and perhaps even provide you with a phone number or two to try.

This is a great way to determine if a professional is indeed the right decision for you and your lifestyle. Not everyone needs the help, but for those who do, it can free up a lot of time and effort that you can spend somewhere else. Sometimes that is what matters the most.

Blue Hydrangea in Jacksonville, Florida offers professional cleaning and organizing services at a reasonable price. You can contact our office at 904-521-4141 to learn more about our services and ask any questions you might have.

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