Aluminum Roll up Cabinet Doors Beat Laminate or Wood

The kitchen is one of the rooms of your house that sees the most use and the most abuse. The kitchen is a high traffic area that experiences a pretty serious amount of use. Cooking gets messy even when you’re doing it right. Sometimes, you spill stuff on your counters and cabinets. You get messes on your cabinet doors. Your appliances sit all over the countertop, cluttering up your space. Oftentimes, you don’t even notice how much abuse your kitchen is taking until you take a close look at your cabinet doors. If you’ve got wooden or cabinet doors, you’re probably noticing fingerprints on the doors, leftover spills, and probably some discoloration from cooking fumes. If you’ve ever tried to clean a wooden cabinet without also taking the paint off you’ve experienced a pretty serious kind of frustration. Laminate cabinets are even worse; due to their slick surface, you can’t even paint over the discoloration. Aluminum really is the only way to go.

Cleaning Your Doors

When it comes time to clean your cabinet doors, you’ll notice that painted wood has a way of really accumulating stains and discolorations. You can clean them off but you have to be really carefully. Too much scrubbing or too strong of a chemical will take the paint right off the cabinet door. Then you’re in an even worse situation. Some people choose to just paint over their discolored cabinets, but if you have some kind of grease caked onto the cabinet door, the paint won’t adhere. You have to strip it, prime it, and repaint it. Aluminum roll up cabinet doors clean incredibly easily. You just need a rag and a gentle cleaning solution. Aluminum is a non-porous surface so even the worst messes won’t adhere; everything just wipes right off.

Replacing Your Doors

No matter what you do, you’re going to have to replace wooden or laminate doors eventually. The kitchen is a hot and humid place. Heat and humidity are no friend to wood. It tends to warp, sag, and degrade in those conditions. The effects of humidity probably won’t be noticeable, but one day, the doors will start to pull away from the hinges. That will be your first indication the wood is starting to grow weak. Eventually, you’ll have to replace the whole cabinet door and possibly the hinges.

Aluminum is rust-proof, fire-proof, and corrosion-proof. It won’t degrade even in the hottest kitchen temperatures. It’s also a much safer alternative to wood, since a cooking mishap won’t result in a fire if flames hit your cabinet doors. It also won’t rust in the humid environment of the kitchen.

Wooden cabinets are classic, but that means everybody has them in their houses. If you really want to stand out, aluminum roll up cabinet doors can set your kitchen apart.

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