A New Home Builder in Pittsburgh Enforces Top-of-the-Industry Energy Efficiency Standards

by | Aug 8, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

New home constructions will have the best efficiency standards, especially compared to older model homes. The state efficiency standards are increasing every year, which impacts fixer-upper homes. Homeowners who want to jump into a fixer-upper often end up spiraling down a rabbit hole. Due to efficiency ratings alone, it may be wise to revisit a new home construction.

Green Rating Efficiency

The green movement has placed extra attention on the world’s need to increase efficiency. All of this is fine and well, but it can have an intense and immediate impact on a homeowner’s bottom line. Energy efficiency standards have increased in nearly all states. The standard increases will force homeowners to meet the new standards, which means upgrading their air conditioning unit, changing their windows, or doing other expensive alterations. These things will be enforced upon a sale, but they can even be enforced while the owner is living there and not trying to sell at all. Homeowners will need to stay on top of these changes as they unfold or else face potential fines that often exceed the costs of the alterations.

It is true that the energy efficiency standards have not been on a slow, gradual increase over time. Energy efficiency standards have spiked in the last three years, in particular. But, homeowners can expect to undergo frustrating and distracting changes that are great for the environment but cost a pretty penny.

Windows and other Considerations

A New Home Builder in Pittsburgh is better suited to the task of retaining heat when needed and improving efficiency levels in the design. Take, for example, the construction itself. In layman’s terms, the homes are built tighter. The improved seals will retain heat and air as desired. Windows in older homes are often single pane. Yet, many states have restricted single panes entirely, and some have even placed restrictions on double panes that are facing a certain direction towards the sun. New homes will often have triple and even quadruple panes. It is all in an effort to stay ahead of the game right out of the box.

A New Home Builder in Pittsburgh can confirm higher efficiency levels that older homes may rarely keep up with. Click here for an analysis of many of the other benefits of new construction ownership.

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