6 Tips for Your Bathroom Upgrade

by | Jan 18, 2022 | Home Improvement

Give your bathroom the best upgrade. Go over tips to make the remodel more attractive while keeping to your budget. Listen to these suggestions.

Do Recess Storage

If you have a tiny bathroom, then built-ins like a recessed soap dish could help you save space. Talk to the contractor about possible storage solutions for that space. An expert in bathroom remodeling in Fairfax, VA, will have worthwhile suggestions for you.

Consider Bathroom Ventilation

When you renovate your bathroom, don’t forget about ventilation. All bathrooms need that. Otherwise, moisture would form and lead to mold buildup.

Add Plants

Plants in your bathroom might seem like a good touch. But it’s actually a good way to bring in air into the space as well as infuse color into the room. Many bathrooms look sterile and adding a shelf of small plants can instantly warm the area and turn it into a cozy corner of your home.

Choose the Right Floor

Wood floors might look great but they’re a big mistake for bathrooms. You need floors that won’t rot or that will last long even when exposed to constant moisture and humidity. Vinyl tiles, sheet vinyl flooring, and even ceramic and porcelain are all good options for you.

Play with Color

You can use color to expand the look and feel of your bathroom. Light airy colors create more space while dark tones and shades could make a tiny bathroom feel even more closed-in and claustrophobic. Avoid that by going for a light palette.

Pay Attention to the Lighting

Dim lighting is often a staple in most bathrooms. If you want to set a better mood and visual for that area, though, add a dimmer switch. That’s going to be perfect for your relaxing baths late at night. You could also add another set of lights like sconces beside the mirror for better lighting when you put on your makeup.

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