6 Benefits of a Portable Hand Wash Basin

by | Dec 15, 2015 | Plumbing

Based on “Usefulness of Portable Sinks” from Content Injection, here are 6 benefits you can expect when you own a portable hand wash basin:

    1. No more connection worries. Worried about how you’re going to connect it to the main plumbing system? Or maybe you’re concerned that the plumber would mess up the existing connections in the process? With a mobile sink, you can put all those worries to rest. These portable washing stations come with their own plumbing systems so if you own one, all you need to do is to empty and fill up the tanks with water regularly. Then it’ll be ready for you to use.
    2. Space-efficient. Mobile washing stations give you a lot of flexibility in terms of space usage. Don’t have as much room as you’d like? You can simply wheel out the portable sink, put it to one side of the room, rearrange everything and when you’ve got cleared enough space, wheel it back in. If you’ve got a habit of rearranging the layout of your rooms, then a mobile sink will be an added plus for you.
    3. Mobile. Need to spend a day out in the garden, tending to your plants and want the sink within easy access? Just wheel out the portable basin, park it in whatever spot is ideal and get to work. Need a handy portable basin for a kiddie party next door? Sure thing.
    4. Portable. A lot of the portable hand wash basin models are small enough to fit in the back of your van, pickup or bus. That means you can take it along to practically anywhere. Need a washing station for those camping trips up the mountains? How about a washing station to help you prepare your food and wash the dishes while you and the rest of the gang are on the beach? With a mobile sink, you can enjoy the convenience of a sanitary washing experience anywhere you are.
    5. ADA compliant. If you need ADA compliant hand wash basins, Monsam offers a model that fits the bill to a tee, with their single-basin PSE-2020 portable sink. It’s been specially designed and built to allow room for a wheel chair under the sink, making it suitable for people with physical disabilities.
    6. Customizable. Portable sinks are so diverse in design and customizable. Get the mobile washing station you want in the way you’ve always imagined it, whether that’s a shampoo washing station with add-ons or a portable hand wash basin done with wood accents.

Need a portable hand wash basin? For an impressive lineup of different styles and designs, visit us at Monsam.

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