5 Ways to Getting the Granite Slabs You Need for Your Kitchen Countertops

by | Mar 7, 2017 | Home Improvement

Buying countertops made of granite in Denver, CO can be a real strain—if you haven’t got a clue how to do it right. Want tips?

Decide on which stone

Realty Times says the rock comes in a range of colors, designs and styles, so no two slabs are ever alike. Colors run from gray to pink to blue, gold and red. Veins of rare color in the slabs also jack up the price of the slab considerably so keep that in mind when you shop around.

Take a look at whole slabs

Don’t go for form samples. You’d be much better off checking out whole slabs since that’s what you’’ll need to buy in the first place. This way, fabricators won’t have a tough time matching sections. This also cuts down on wasted materials.

Pay attention to the colors

The choice of color affects the mood and energy in your kitchen space. If your countertops are too bright, that tends to have an energizing effect. However, if you want a soothing, calming vibe, you’ll have better luck if you stick to softer colors.

Note the thickness

Before you buy a slab for your kitchen countertops, make sure you check out the thickness of the stone. Three-inch slabs will of course cost more than one-inch thick slabs. But be careful about buying slabs that are too thick, though. Make sure your cabinets are strong enough to handle all that weight first.

Shop from reliable suppliers

Shop from credible and trustworthy suppliers of granite in Denver, CO. Check out the company’s reputation and credentials, along with their product lineup, to make sure they can provide you with what you need. Review their site and social media pages along with any online reviews to know if they’re a good choice.

So be sure to run through these tips. They’ll definitely prove handy when the time comes. Like us at Facebook

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