5 Ways to Appliance Repair

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Appliance Repair

Good habits can save you a lot of costs. Know how you can save big on appliance repair in Harvey with the following do’s and don’ts:

Don’t overload it

If you think cramming more clothes into your washer and dryer helps you save on time, water, energy and costs, you might want to rethink that idea. Overloading your washer, dryer or any other appliance can lead to extensive damage to its parts, with some of the repairs being much too expensive that you’ll be better off buying a new machine instead.

Do clean it

If your fridge conks out on you on a hot day, then take a long look at the coils. To get to the coils, you might need to remove the front grille before pushing a coil cleaning brush into the part. Pull it back then vacuum it clean. Cleaner coils will help ensure greater cooling efficiency of your unit.

Don’t dismiss the signs

Appliances don’t often die on you out of the blue. There are often plenty of signs along the way. By not dismissing the signs and recognizing them for what they are, you can take steps to resolve the problem much, much sooner rather than later.

Do know the 50 percent rule

The 50 percent rule says: if you have anything that’s beyond 50 percent of its expected lifespan that requires repairs, you might end shelling out a lot of money for it. Consider the cost of a repair over replacing it with a new one, says the Family Handyman.

Don’t DIY it

It’s best not to attempt any on your own. For the best results, look for pros for appliance repair in Harvey. That’s a simple and convenient solution to your problems. With pros at the helm, the work should be done in no time.

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