5 Things You Should Know About Garage Doors In Chicago, IL

by | Sep 4, 2012 | Doors And Windows

Garage doors in Chicago, IL might not get quite as much attention as they deserve. How often do you think about your garage door, about its maintenance or replacement? Not many people think about these things very often. When it does need attention, however, you might find yourself with a lot of questions. Here are 5 things that you should probably know about garage doors in Chicago, IL in case you ever face a little problem or are considering replacing yours.

1. Understand the terms sideroom, backroom, and headroom. These have to do with the size of your garage and the distance from items such as the edge of the garage door to the side wall. Sideroom is just that: the distance from the edge of your garage door to the side wall on either side of the garage door. Backroom is basically the length of your garage, or the distance from the front of your garage all the way to the back. Headroom is the distance from your garage’s ceiling to the top of your garage door.

2. Understand what the R-value is for your particular garage door. This will tell you just how well your garage door insulates your garage. If insulation for your garage is important to you, then knowing what your R-value is may also be important.

3. Torsion springs can be very dangerous to remove by yourself. You should probably have a professional do this if you are replacing or removing your garage door, as these springs can be lethal if mishandled.

4. Whatever the size and weight of your garage door, when you lift it manually you ought to be able to do so with only one hand. If you can’t lift your garage door with one hand, then it is probably not balanced correctly.

5. High wind areas should get garage doors that are rated to withstand such winds. If a garage door with a poor wind rating is attached, it is possible that the wind can actually blow it off of its hinges.

You might not think about your garage doors in Chicago, IL very much. However, the items listed above are 5 things that it would probably be good for you to know. Understanding your garage door and its different features may help you if you ever need to repair or replace it in the future. For further information, you might also consult your owner’s manual.


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