4 Tips for Finding the Right Crew to Build Your Retaining Walls

by | Jul 14, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

Planning and building a wall to hold back soil in your property and prevent erosion isn’t something you want to hand over to contractors with less than stellar experience. Here’s how to get the right crew to build your retaining walls in Orinda CA:

Check those credentials

Does the company have the right qualifications for the job? Does the firm have trained and skilled people on its team to take care of the job and ensure the best results?

Ask about the materials

What kind of materials will they use? There are four common options—you could go with concrete or brick along with stone and timber. Each of these options come with different pros and cons. Ask a potential crew to see which option they’d provide you with. If they urge you to cut down on costs by going for the cheapest materials around, then be wary. The best experts for retaining walls in Orinda CA know that quality matters and quality often comes at a cost. If the prices are too cheap, you could end up with substandard walls. That’s the last thing you want to happen.

Consider your lifestyle

Do you love spending time outdoors? You and your contractors could put your heads together to come up with plans and designs for your outdoor space. These designs could find a way to incorporate those walls into structures that you could get the most use out of.

Talk about the style

The right crew will factor in style and appearance as well. They’ll find the right stones or materials to match your home’s personality and character. When the work is done, the new addition will simply blend in with the rest without any worries, as Porch demonstrates.

Need help with those walls? Look for pros with these 4 tips.

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