4 Signs You Need to Consider Investing in Siding Replacement In Post Falls ID

by | Feb 14, 2024 | Home Improvement

The siding on your Somerville, MA, the home provides important advantages and benefits. It’s tied directly to your home’s aesthetic. However, it also protects the substructure of your home from moisture and damage. However, over time and with exposure to the elements, vinyl siding decays and will eventually need to be replaced. Not sure if you need siding replacement in Post Falls ID Let’s discuss four of the most obvious signs. Cracking Vinyl siding is very resistant to UV light, dry rot, and other issues, but it is not impervious to them. Over time, your siding will dry and become brittle. When this occurs, it will start to crack. A few cracks on one or two pieces of siding are not caused for major concern, as those individual pieces can be replaced relatively easily. However, if you notice that cracks are appearing on multiple pieces of siding, it’s likely time to have new siding installed. Waiting too long could allow moisture to penetrate the underlayment, and then the interior of your home. Storm Damage While siding can be very strong, and withstand years of harsh weather, it cannot withstand everything that Mother Nature might throw at it. Strong winds can rip siding away, and limbs and other debris blew around in storms can cause even more damage. While replacing individual pieces of siding damaged in a storm is possible, the extensive damage will require full siding replacement. You’re Painting…Again! Wood siding offers some important benefits to homeowners, including a unique aesthetic. However, it is labor intensive and will require a lot of time and effort to maintain over the years. If you’re simply tired of paying to have your siding painted time and time again (or doing the work yourself), it is time to invest in replacement with something else. Vinyl siding never needs to be repainted, and is more cost-effective than wood and other siding options. Warping and Blistering Ideally, your home’s siding will lay flat against the underlayment, but exposure to high temperatures can cause vinyl to warp and blister. The same thing can happen with wood siding when exposed to high levels of moisture. Replacing the siding is the only option here. If you are experiencing any of these issues, or simply want to update the look of your home, we can help. Get in touch with Direct Siding on our website at Directsiding.com to learn more.

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