4 Great Floor Cleaning Tips

Beating deadlines at work might keep you too busy to maintain your home. If you’ve been spending quite a lot of time at your desk, it can be difficult to even make your bed, much less clean the dirt off your floors. So here are a few tips to help you get your floors spotless and shiny in no time:

Find the right cleaning product

Got unsightly marks on your vinyl floor left behind by rubber soles? Not to worry. Get a steel wool soap pad, moisten it slightly and then gently rub at the heel marks until they disappear. Don’t forget to clean the floor when you’re done. Do it with a damp sponge. By reading up on which cleaning products work best on what situations, you’ll have a definite upper hand against dirt, grime and muck usually found on floors.

Vacuum regularly

It’s not going to save your carpets from stains, but vacuuming your floors on a weekly basis helps keep the dirt and debris away, says Martha Stewart. Dirt and debris are often the number one reason for those unsightly scratches and pockmarks on your floor. So aside from regularly sweeping your floor, vacuum it every weekend to get the dirt and debris out.

Better home habits

Talk to your family about bad habits like dragging in mud from the outside with your shoes, leaving crumbs all over the floor or being careless with spills. With better habits, you can look forward to better-looking floors sooner than you think.

Hire experts

It takes an awful lot to keep floors clean. If your schedule is packed and you’ve got a ton of things to do, hiring flooring services in Hillsboro is a handy solution. You won’t have to do any of the work so you can relax, meet those deadlines and come back to cleaner floors in a matter of hours. Want to know more? Reach out to us at Praise Cleaning Services.

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