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A septic tank is basically a tank which is designed to carry between 4000 to 7000 liters of waste water. Some designs consist of more than one tank. The septic tank is connected to a waste water pipe at one end and a septic drain or septic field at the other. The tank usually has two chambers to allow solids to settle so they can be anaerobically digested to reduce the volume. The liquid component will then flow from the outlet into the drain field. All the waste water from your kitchen, bathroom and laundry area should flow to the septic tank.

Empty the Tank
In time, waste that is not anaerobically digested will have to be removed from the septic tank. If not removed the septic tank will fill up quickly, overflow and may clog other piping. This is very harmful for the environment and the damage requires expensive repairs. The frequency of emptying the septic tank depends on the usage, volume of waste, indigestible solids and the system the tank is running on.

Do Regular Inspection
High volume of flushing non-biodegradable items such as hygiene products and cigarette butts will clog the septic tank quickly and create problems to the system. If cooking oil and grease is frequently poured into the sink, it will also clog the piping and eventually damage the whole system. A well designed and maintained system can last a household for 50 years. A septic tank that is working well should be free of odor. However, to avoid any costly damage and inconvenience, we should seek septic tank Marietta services or health authorities for inspection.

Follow the Law
In many jurisdictions, it is required by law for septic tanks to receive periodic preventive maintenance. By hiring a Septic Tank Marietta services to remove indigestible waste, maintain or repair an inefficient septic tank, we can avoid extremely costly repairs and disposal if it overflows. When the waste water overflows, it can be a threat to our health as it carries a lot of bacteria and dirt. It will also contaminate the soil and pollute the air.

Replacements are Expensive
And if a replacement is needed, it can set you back as much as $10000 or more depending on the complexity and design of the new system. Maintenance from a Septic Tank Marietta professional will include systematic inspection, tests, early detection and correction before minor faults develop to major defects.

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